Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I give up

Who coined the phrase, "Don't Give Up"  I want to talk to him or her.  Tell him (probably was a him) that he ruined peoples live.  Sometimes you have to give up, and "bloom where you are planted"

Imagine the would-be singer, who spends all of his/life trying to be a singer, but never makes it.  How many years did she waste.  How much did she agonize, when maybe she just should have appreciated what she had.

This is what I give up:

I give up my dream of running of half-marathon.  For one thing, I am anemic.  I get tired, and quick.
I will exercise though, run/walk, but will stop beating myself up because I can't run 13 miles at a time.  I give up!

I give up getting over my fear of flying.  If I never fly anyplace else, then I will never fly any place else.    I am tired of struggling with my flying.  I tried; I went to counseling, but to no avail.  I don't know what else I can do.  I will drive or be driven places, but will not fly unless absolutely necessary.

I GIVE UP MY making a living with my publishing company.  I will still write of course because thats who I am.  But I WILL NOT stress about making it my full time job and selling stuff.  It just doesnt work and I am not going to make it work.   This is the biggest relief.

I GIVE UP thinking I am going to get those two jobs.  I am TIRED of stressing about it.  YOU here me.  I AM SCREAMING FROM THE ROOF TOP:  I am letting this go.  I am going to focus on making the best of this job...as best as I can.  With no expectation but to do a good job whether no one notices or not.  I will be thankful for this job that I have.  Making the best of this job and being glad that it is over in August.

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